What is the X-Filter ?

The X filter from Innovitech is a UK designed premium digitally controlled automatic roll filter, a highly effective water particulate filtration unit. Primarily for use in marine, tropical & freshwater aquariums to replace the use of filter socks & floss. This can be used in large display and coral propagation systems too.

The X-Filter has the capability to filter down to 9 microns with the advantage that all filtered particles are removed from the water achieving active nutrient control. Filter section is fully sealed, giving YOU the choice of whether to bypass water or not.

A a real world test program has been in effect since early 2017, the X-filter has been installed in various Marine set ups and the participants have all reported outstanding positive results.

Filter roll is 65 meters (213 ft) long available in 9, 17, 25 & 32 micron.  Filter out organic waste, detritus, food, micro algae, substrate dust and other unwanted waste.

X-Filter Model 1.0 is capable of flow rates up to 7000 liters per hour
X-Filter Model 1.7 can handle flow rates in excess of 10,000 liters per hour , both depending on which grade of media is being used.

Why use the X-Filter ?

  • Stunning water clarity

  • Lower Nutrients P04 & NO3

  • Lower overall aquarium maintenance 

  • Clearer water better light penetration

  • Continually removes particles out of the water

  • Lower detritus in the sump & equipment

  • Fine tune the level of filtration YOU want

Whats different ?

  • Best footprint to flow ratio

  • No hard plumbing required, drop your drains into the back of the filter

  • Industrial grade optical water level sensor

  • 65 meter ( 213 ft) compact media rolls

  • Four grades of media, 9,17,25 and 32 micron.

  • Modular design for easy installation/maintenance.

  • Pre assembled for your convenience

  • Filter panel design uses physics and precision to achieve highest possible flow rates.

  • Unique Vortex generating water bypass system. ( 2 on 1.0 & 3 on 1.7 model)

  • Ripple/wave compensation of the optical level sensor.

  • Each model has a dedicated large motor

  • Spring loaded design which allows easy removal of used media.

  • Adjustable filter media section to fit the unit in tight spaces and corners.

  • Hang on design with removable lower back support to fit on different sump glass thicknesses.

More Features

  • Very High volume filtration to flow capacity

  • Fully sealed Filter section - Gives YOU the choice to bypass water or not

  • Vortex Generators "sling" detritus at the roll maximum efficiency 

  • Entirely replaces the need for filter socks / filter floss 

  • Green LED run light

  • Blue engagement and alarm LED light

  • Multiple installation Orientation options 

  • Additional push button for fleece advance built in

  • Reef safe fleece material

  • Low-odour fleece material

  • Integrated fail-safe overflow 

  • Virtually no pluming restrictions

  • Completely removes waste from the water without odour



  • Only Innovitech filter roll media should be used with the X Filter. Use of 3rd party material voids any warranty & could damage the unit. The material we use has been chosen specifically for the X Filter. 
    Our R&D and marine aquarium environment testing of the various types of filter media available
    means you can be assured of safe, appropriate and fit for purpose media supplied by us.

Installation & Fine Tuning

  • X Filter Instruction / Installation Manual click below to view

Install Gallery

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