Vortex Random Flow Generator, double outlet unit, push fit on to your 25mm PVC pipe. The result is a wider jet of water with random flow and direction but not restricted

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Innovitech Vortex Random Flow Generator Double

SKU: ino-vfg
  • How is our product different?
    The principle with the Innovitech VRFG is that it doesn’t restrict the flow to increase the speed of the water under pressure.

    All the random flow generators or the oldest flow eductor, have a basic principle. The internal diameter of the nozzle is restricted half way through to decrease the pressure and speed up the water. In reality though, the main stream of the flow is more concentrated and the venturi picks some surrounding water to increase the flow and create a random flow pattern.

    The VRFG uses a bit different principle and the results are backed by fluid dynamics simulation software. The swirl flaps change geometry going from the bottom up and the nozzle (or cone) opens up rather than closing in in the middle. 
    The swirl flaps start with an aggressive angle to create a vortex right after the venturi and the angle decreases and follows a natural flow to aid more volume to fit through. 
    Even the venturi base has angled flaps that prepares the water intake to follow the same vortex pattern within the nozzle cone.!



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